Moroccan Nourish Bowl
Moroccan Nourish Bowl
Moroccan Nourish Bowl
Moroccan Nourish Bowl
Moroccan Nourish Bowl
Moroccan Nourish Bowl
Moroccan Nourish Bowl
Moroccan Nourish Bowl
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Moroccan Nourish Bowl

with couscous, grilled vegetables & citrus dressing

Choose your Protein Veg/Haloumi

Serves: 2

Cooking Time: 20 minutes

Sense the Moroccan living through your tastebuds! A humble combination of fluffy couscous, grilled vegetables and a side of protein (halloumi/chicken breast) forms the essence of our Moroccan Nourish Bowl. Coming with a hearty lettuce mix and a fresh citrus dressing, this bowl is definitely going to add an oomph to your regular dining table! 

    We source the finest and freshest ingredients for you. We then pre-portion and prep them according to the recipe so you get exactly what you need. No more leftovers and last minute grocery runs.

    Pantry Essentials: Water, oil/butter

    Here’s what we have already prepped for you (20 minutes saved)
    1. Pre-portioned and packed all ingredients
    2. Curated a detailed and fail-proof recipe card
    3. Prepared the lettuce mix
    4. Put together the dressing

    Here’s what you have to do (Takes 10 minutes)
    1. Grill the protein & veggies
    2. Cook the couscous
    3. Assemble and Garnish


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