DIY Gochujang JJigae Kit
DIY Gochujang JJigae Kit
DIY Gochujang JJigae Kit
DIY Gochujang JJigae Kit
DIY Gochujang JJigae Kit
DIY Gochujang JJigae Kit
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DIY Gochujang JJigae Kit

with toasted sesame oil, shiitake mushrooms and sticky rice

Serves : 2

Cooking Time: 25 Minutes

Jjigae is a Korean word for stew. Gochujang is a chili paste that exemplifies Korean cuisine. This dish is an ideal amalgamation of spice, heat, sweetness and an extricable richness.

Give this one-pot Jjigae (stew), served with sticky rice, a shot to warm your heart in more ways than one. 

We source the finest and freshest ingredients for you. We then pre-portion and prep them according to the recipe so you get exactly what you need. No more leftovers and last minute grocery runs.

Pantry Essentials: 150 grams Tofu OR 100 grams Boneless Chicken Thigh and 30 grams Tofu (optional), salt, water

Here’s what we have already prepped for you (20 minutes saved)
✓ Pre-portioned and packed all Ingredients
✓ Curated a detailed and fail-proof recipe card
✓ Prepared the show-stoppers Gochujaru chili mix and Gochujang paste
✓ Fresh veggies

Here’s what you have to do (Takes 10 minutes)
✓ Prepare the stew
✓ Cook the sticky rice
✓ Prep your ingredients
✓ Assemble and enjoy!


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