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Meal Prepping. Less of a trend, more of a lifestyle.

What is it?

Meal prepping is essentially, preparing meals ahead of time. Usually done on the weekends, it saves a ton of valuable time and effort, giving you an opportunity to enjoy some of your favorite meals, every single day. That too in a matter of few minutes. Now who wouldn’t love that. Moreover, you don’t even need special tools or gadgets to start off.

Here’s a complete manual to kick-start your meal prep life.


Why should you Meal Prep?

Spending your Sundays on cooking might feel  wasteful at first, but there’s a flip side. Meal prepping can be a great way of spending time with yourself. It's also really rewarding because you can try out new dishes or plan your next few meals in greater detail. Since you’d be cooking in bulk, you would also be reducing your daily meal-time efforts by a great extent. All you have to do is heat the pre-prepared food and dive right into deliciousness.

Still not convinced? Here are few more points you might really want to consider:

  • Saves valuable time
  • Pre-portioned meals
  • Saves Money
  • Reduces over-indulgence
  • Great way to keep track of your diet goals
  • Helps you stay on top of your grocery shopping game
  • More control over your food choices
  • Reduces daily food waste
  • Chance to try out time-consuming recipes
  • Favourite meals every single day!

Meal prepping is completely customizable because you’re the one who is doing it. You are your best judge. Catering your meals according to your choices, preferences, dietary requirements, resources is what makes it so great. The concept is super flexible for you to tailor it for yourself. All you need to do is, see what’s in your pantry, know what you want, and get a little bit creative.

How is it the need of the hour?

We’re a part of the 21st Century. Constantly on our toes, hustling through life, no one has time to spend 3-4 hours daily just to prepare food. Meal prepping is not about hard work, but more about smart work. Proper utilization of resources and free time to reduce your daily stress about deciding what to make thrice a day is what makes it worth it. Adding to that, it helps you save money when you’re going through those mid-week slumps and end up ordering unhealthy food. See? Care for your health and go easy on your pockets just by preparing some of your most cherished meals in advance. Now shoo! Go and #kookupastorm.

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